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SUGARHOLIC – a Discussion on Sugar Awareness


I said good night to my wife finally at 1:00 AM. She is from Belarus; we have only been married a short time. But I guess that the sweets in Belarus are not that good because she is certainly interested in the ones we have here.

What is the definition of a Sugarholic? Well according to the World English Dictionary for ” -holic: suffix forming nouns – indicating a person having an abnormal desire for or dependence on…” on what, in this case sugar. And from Wikipedia we have another definition: “Sugar addiction is a term popularly applied to individuals who express difficulty controlling intake of sweet foods or beverages. Although the term itself is not generally used to refer any scientific construct, mounting evidence suggests that under certain conditions, consumption of sweets or sugar may indeed become addiction-like.”

It is interesting to watch people consume sugar in the many various forms. Many believe that they are immune to any infirmities that may result from their sugar consumption. They think that just because they are not putting on weight that all must be okay. That is a wrong assumption. There are nutritional as well as sociological ramifications and just because they are not manifest on a short term bases does not mean that they will not be there in 20 years when you are older and ill equipped to handle any illnesses.

In Nancy Appleton’s web site found here she lists 141 reasons or results of continued sugar consumption. In fact Mary’s site is superb as regards the education of the harms that the continued consumption of sugar can bring. She has also written a book wherein Dr. Appleton continues her crusade against sugar with the latest information drawn from medical journals and her clinical experience. Writing with journalist G.N. Jacobs, Dr. Appleton directly exposes the health risks of soft drinks, chocolate flavored health drinks (Ensure) and chocolate while providing information never before released to her readers. Sugar kills and we commit mass suicide slowly with each sweet morsel, but we can stop it.

Let me relate to you a short story that happened to me personally regarding this very thing. My mother when she was 73 years of age decided that it was okay for her to eat ice cream for dinner every night. She did this for well over a year and it was her right and it made her feel good. About 1.5 years into this she developed Ulcerative Colitis. To combat this disease the doctor put her on steroids. The steroids ate her bones and she needed a hip replacement (she still had the colitis). Soon after that her colon twisted and so she went in for surgery where she almost died spending over 4 months in an unconscious state and another six in rehab all the time minding her brand new colostomy bag. So now she is dependant very much on her children. But it was okay for her to supplant her evening meal with ice cream for a year and a half never seeing the long term picture. She ruined her health for the rest of her life and if it was an attempt at suicide it surely is a horribly slow death!

I have found another great explanation of what the definition of a sugarholic might be. It is a video by Jack Lalane and he is spot-on in his analysis. Please take a minute to review what he has to say on the subject of sugar…

What can be done to reduce the cravings of sugar? There are a couple of different herbs Licorice and HG (a multi-herbal tincture) found on our web site can help to reduce the cravings; quite literally though you will need to stop your sugar consumption cold-turkey. Much like quitting alcohol, smoking, and drugs you will need to create a diet devoid of sugar. And much like these other scourges there will be withdrawal phenomenon that will seem unpleasant. Afterwards you will enjoy a grape as sweet as any chocolate bar or a fruit juice as lush as any milkshake. And you will feel rejuvenated and well both in body and mind.

And what about my wife….in the situation above she had gone towards bed at 11:00 PM but stopped by the television for an hour and while there consumed two handfuls of M&M’s. So by the time she actually got to bed she was all sugared up and hyper which kept me awake late into the night. I worry about her because when I ask her what she has eaten during the day she says chips and bread and ice cream. What will happen to her (us) in ten years? But it’s her body…

Next I will have a three part series in my blog on Diabetes type II.

For information on how to order herbs to curb sugar cravings, contact:



  1. SUGARHOLIC ? a Discussion on Sugar Awareness…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. This blog article is funny and interesting.

    When my husband arrived from Holland he also was pretty hooked on sugar. The bread in Holland didn’t have as much sugar as the bread in America and he was eating a lot of American bread and putting on the pounds. He also used to drink a coke right before going to bed and blah blah blah wouldn’t shut up for about 20 minutes.

    A few months ago he cut back on sugar and he quickly lost 20 pounds.

    We both noticed lately we’re eating too much sugar again, and we cut the sugar out. Unfortunately the white rice, white bread, potatoes and white pasta all make sugar too, so we had to cut that way down. Not to mention the Heineken.

    We were both pretty cranky last Saturday detoxing off the sugar and ended up watching 12 reruns of “Nash Bridges” like a couple of zombies to get through the day, but now we feel great again and the sugar cravings are gone!

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